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After four movies and countless customized-bullet castings, the blood feud between vampires and lycanthropes has blossomed into Underworld: Blood Wars. The latest installment in the Kate-Beckinsale-in-latex franchise will also center on the conflict between lycans—as they’re known in Len Wiseman’s blue-filtered world—and vampires, and will also feature lots of fangs and cool weapons. Charles Dance and Theo James are returning to play a posh and moody vampire, respectively, in this ongoing battle between evil and evil (look, both sides would happily feast on humans).


The first Blood Wars trailer is out, which reveals that the lycans will be out for Selene’s blood. We know that’s happened before, but this time, it’s part of the werewolves’ plan to become “invincible.” Wait, come to think of it, that was basically the plot of the first Underworld movie, except that it was Michael Corvin’s (Scott Speedman) bodily fluids that were the key. And Blood Wars is being viewed as a kind of reboot to the whole franchise, so it looks like the gender-swapping trend continues.

Blood Wars will spill into theaters January 6, 2017.

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