(Photo; Clay Enos/DC Comics/Warner Bros.)

Hopes are riding high on Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman; not only is it the first film of the modern superhero movie boom to have a female lead, but it’ll show the world whether DC and Warner Bros. can actually live up to the “lighter, less brooding, more fun!” marketing they’ve been tossing around recently for their big action movie franchises. Normally, you’d have to wait until June 2 to find out if Gal Gadot’s Princess Diana can live up to the Amazonian hype, but if you’re living in or near Chicago, we can hook you up a little bit early.

All you have to do to score two advance passes to a Wonder Woman screening—scheduled for Tuesday, May 30, at 7:00 p.m.—is head right here and click “Get My Passes.” The screening will be held at the Showcase ICON at Roosevelt Collection, and you’ll want to get there early to ensure you and your fellow Justice Leaguers will be able to secure your seats.