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Chicago, get weird with more free tickets to Music Box midnights


A couple of weeks back, we offered you tickets to a midnight screening of the 1977 Japanese psychedelic haunted-house movie House. Now our friends at The Front Row are back to present more midnight horror at Chicago’s own Music Box Theatre, and this weekend’s movie is another mind-bender.

Released in 1987, Anguish (a.k.a. Anguista) is a Spanish production starring Zelda Rubinstein—best known as the psychic from the Poltergeist movies—in another telepathic role as Alice, star of The Mommy, a movie within the movie about a controlling mother who commands her visually impaired son to kill. The movie takes place partially within the universe of The Mommy and partially in the theater showing the movie, as the audience starts to feel the effects of The Mommy’s mind-control powers. It’s pretty wild.

We’re giving away tickets to this weekend’s midnight showings of Anguish at the Music Box; to enter to win yours, just email us at avcontests@theonion.com with the subject line “Zelda.” We’ll draw winners tomorrow, Friday, June 23, at 3 p.m. CT, handing out two pairs of tickets that’ll be good for the midnight shows on the nights of either June 22 or 23.


Later this year, The Front Row—whose mission statement reads, “The Front Row is dedicated to the exhibition of cult classics as well as the reintroduction of obscure cinema deserving of greater recognition. Films are presented in the best quality format available, most often in archival 35mm”—will also be presenting screenings of the cult classics Hard Boiled, Last House On Dead End Street, Candyman, and Jacob’s Ladder. You can find links to the Facebook events for those first two screenings above.

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