Ethan Hawke’s last film with director Andrew Niccol (Gattaca) was 2005’s Lord Of War, which told the story of an arms dealer who begins to question the ethics of his work. This year, Niccol will tread similar territory with Good Kill, which stars Hawke as a drone pilot who begins to question the ethics of his work. Seems like these two have some opinions about war. The film also stars January Jones, Zoë Kravitz, and Bruce Greenwood. Good Kill opens in Chicago on May 22, but The A.V. Club and IFC have an opportunity for you to see it for free on May 14. For your chance to win a pair of passes to the advance screening, simply follow the link here and enter your information. Seats are first come, first served, so be sure to arrive early. An official plot synopsis and trailer can be found below.

“In the shadowy world of drone warfare, combat unfolds like a video game–only with real lives at stake. After six tours of duty, Air Force pilot Tom Egan (Ethan Hawke) yearns to get back into the cockpit of a real plane, but he now fights the Taliban from an air-conditioned box in the Las Vegas desert. When he and his crew start taking orders directly from the CIA, and the stakes are raised, Egan’s nerves—and his relationship with his wife (Mad Men’s January Jones)—begin to unravel. Revealing the psychological toll drone pilots endure as they are forced to witness the aftermath of their fight against insurgents, Andrew Niccol (Gattaca, Lord of War) directs this riveting insider’s view of 21st-century warfare, in which operatives target enemies from half a world away.”