Of all the film genres, few pair as well with the grimy, gloriously cheap look of video as horror. If you’re living in or near Chicago, then, why not celebrate the golden age of blood on tape in all its low-budget splendor, with a midnight showing of 1982’s Boardinghouse, the first theatrical horror movie shot on the format?

The Music Box theater (in association with Odd Obsession Movies and the Chicago Film Society) is hosting a two-night exhibition of star, director, and incompetent auteur John Wintergate’s schlocky treat—centered on the titular structure, which turns out to be a lethally bad rental choice for scantily clad ladies with names like Sandy, Suzie, and Pam—and we’re offering up two pairs of free tickets for a couple of lucky readers.

To win, just send an email to, with the subject line “Boardinghouse.” We’ll draw winners on Thursday, handing out two pairs of tickets that’ll be good for the midnight shows on the nights of either January 13 or 14. You should get to the Music Box early, though; festivities kick off at 11 p.m. on Friday night with a DJ set from Drag City Records, and our own news editor—and award-winning horror programmer—Katie Rife will be on hand both nights at 11:30 to present an ode to the world of VHS blood and gore.