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China’s first English-language 3D sci-fi movie looks very cheap, bonkers

Lost In The Pacific is China’s first attempt at a major English-language action movie, and its trailer, which screened at TIFF, is now online. The synopsis describes the plane in the trailer as a “Titanic in the sky,” which sounds like horrible PR work, frankly:

When a giant airplane regarded as “the Titanic in the sky” flies through the Pacific, it hits an abandoned aircraft carrier. Zhang Yuqi’s character is the pilot, and she has to land the aircraft on an island in the middle of the ocean. Followed by the chaos and suspenseful paranoia caused by the turbulence, the passengers soon realize it is not just an accident.


The faux-futuristic jet is actually an apt metaphor for the trailer itself. The story appears to teetering on the edge of parody, just as the jetliner teeters on the edge of an aircraft carrier (presumably left there by the cowardly/sloppy U.S. Navy). Meanwhile, the trailer’s disjointed clips fit together almost as clumsily as the cabin, as if the engineer of the Sky-tanic decreed that the interior be segmented up into dozens of small antechambers, each inspired by different episodes of the original Star Trek TV series. Meanwhile, the producers probably spent all of their budget on Brandon Routh, because they definitely didn’t spend it on the computer-rendered shots of the jet.

Buried at the end of this trailer is a potentially ground-breaking boast: the film is being released in both “3D & 4D.” That’s right, 4D. You’ll literally be able to experience the passage of time when Lost In The Pacific comes to theaters this winter.

[h/t Dread Central]

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