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Choose Your Own NYC Borough Adventure!

The thing that no one ever tells you about New York (until it's too late) is that every borough plays by its own rules. Unfortunately, these rules are all pretty standard movie genres. For example, if you're in Brooklyn, chances are that pretty soon after you set foot in the borough of Kings, things are going to turn into a melodrama about two young people on the cusp of adulthood. Sorry, but that's just Brooklyn. There are some nice brownstones, though. On the other hand, if you go to Manhattan, it's basically guaranteed that you're going to accidentally wind up trapped in an episode of Justin Timberlake's short-lived MTV action game show The Phone. It's a little more exciting at times, yes, but honestly it's exhausting constantly being chased down by unseen thugs who want their stupid cell phone/cornerstone of some convoluted conspiracy back.

Thankfully, though, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has thoughtfully put together a little visitor's guide to help you on your NYC journey.

In case you're planning on venturing into the other NYC boroughs, their movie genres are: Coming-Of-Age Story (Queens), Musical Biopic (The Bronx), and Animal Buddy Comedy (Staten Island).  


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