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Chris Evans and Jenny Slate look after an adorable genius in the Gifted trailer

Everybody loves Chris Evans as Captain America in the Marvel movies, but he doesn’t get nearly enough opportunities to tug at your heartstrings, save for the occasional furtive glance between him and Bucky or The Falcon. His new film Gifted, though, looks like the sort of thing that might get you choked up just from watching the above trailer. It stars Evans as a typical, blue-collar guy who takes care of his young niece after the death of her mother, a noble act made slightly more complicated by the fact that this little girl is also a super-genius. Evans is intent on keeping her in a regular school, claiming that it’s what her mom would’ve wanted, but then his mom shows up and tries to put the little girl into some kind of super-genius program. Naturally, this sets up a classic high-stakes custody battle, with both sides setting themselves up for heartbreak.


Is that still not enough? Well, Gifted also stars Jenny Slate, who happens to be Evans’ actual girlfriend. Maybe they’ll kiss in this movie, and it’ll be extra cute because they like each other in real life!

Gifted was directed by Marc Webb, and it will be in theaters in 2017.

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