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Chris Evans directs—and woos—Alice Eve in Before We Go

After so many appearances in Marvel movies, it’s easy to forget Chris Evans ever plays anything but buff Boy Scout types. He trades a shield for a trumpet, but he doesn’t stray too far from affable good guy mode in the trailer for his directorial debut, Before We Go.

Brooke Dalton (Alice Eve) and Nick Vaughan (Evans) are both down on their luck when they meet at Grand Central Station one night: She’s been robbed and left temporarily stranded in New York City, and he appears to be busking at the terminal. She may or may not be married, he may or may not still be hung up on his ex-fiancee. Eventually these two sad, ridiculously good-looking people learn enough about each other to make them wonder if they’ve met for a reason (of course they have).


Before We Go is now streaming on iTunes and on demand, and will be released in theaters on September 4.

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