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Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence face the unknown in first Passengers trailer

The first trailer for Passengers has arrived, offering a first glimpse at the chemistry between its leads, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. The pair are just two of thousands of crew members aboard the Avalon, a starship on a 120-year voyage that requires a 120-year cryo-sleep for its passengers. But for reasons unknown to them, they’ve been awakened 90 years ahead of schedule, and they can’t just pop back into stasis. This means they’ll have died of old age by the time they get to the colony planet—that is, unless they’re done in by less natural causes well before then.


The Imitation Games Morton Tyldum directed from Prometheus scribe Jon Spaihts’ Black List-ed script, which makes the Alien nods make a little more sense here. The rom-sci-fi film also stars Michael Sheen (on wheels!), Andy Garcia, and Laurence Fishburne. Passengers makes its first stop in theaters on December 21.

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