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Christian Bale's Furious Anger

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The thing that you have to understand about acting is that it's all about the moment. You may just be a guy on a movie set somewhere holding a prop gun and surrounded by a particle board city,  but through acting, and decent photography, you can make it all real—or temporarily slightly less phony. Actors are like sorcerers, and their craft is their spell. After all, there is a strange magic that comes into play when people pretend really, really, really hard: the mundane can become beautiful, the ordinary can become extraordinary, and the audience can be transported to a new world.


Unless, of course, some amateur DP fucking walks around, fucking la di da, and takes your mind completely out of the fucking scene, right, Christian Bale?

"You think this is some kind of a fucking joke?" Bale continued, punching a nearby plastic terminator robot so hard that the velcro attaching the plastic "ammo" to the hip of his futuristic GI Joe outfit fell to the ground with a sad click. "Like we're all just dressing up for Halloween? What don't you fucking understand? That's McG over there. Mc fucking G! I have to pretend that there's been a nuclear holocaust, and the world has been taken over by bad robots, and that this whole stupid thing is real! Fuck!"

As an artist, Bale will no doubt be happy to know that his outburst on the set of Terminator Salvation has been made into an art piece of its own by a techno-loving YouTube user.

(Via Vulture)

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