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Christophe Gans offers a trailer for yet another Beauty And The Beast adaptation, this time in French

The French fairy tale “Beauty And The Beast” has been watered down through so many adaptations that the most recent American film version, Beastly, and The CW's TV series can barely be considered “loose” interpretations, what with their “Beasts” sporting mostly lots of tattoos or, at most, some mild physical scarring. So it's relatively noteworthy that the first trailer for Beauty And The Beast from director Christophe Gans (Brotherhood Of The Wolf)—with Blue Is The Warmest Color's Léa Seydoux and Black Swan's Vincent Cassel as beauty and beast, respectively—offers a more classical take. Gans' version perhaps hews most closely to 1946's Jean Cocteau-directed La Belle Et La Bete, with far less reliance on singing furniture. But Gans has said his film will be the first adaptation to stick to the original version of the story published in 1740—a story that's familiar enough that you'll get the gist of it, even in a French trailer with no subtitles.


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