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Click 2 Starring Bill Engvall

What if you had a magical remote control that, when you pointed it at the television, could fast forward through the commercials in your favorite TV show? Just think about how happy you would be: no more sitting through ads for his and hers test tubes of lube, or lengthy car commercials, or teasers for terrible sitcoms you'll never watch. You would finally be in control of when and how you watch television!

But what would happen if someday you discovered that someone else (let's say Bill Engvall, one of the guys whose comedy is identifiable by collar-color) had a more powerful magical remote control than you? And he was inside your television? Pausing and playing the show you're watching, chuckling heartily, and otherwise sending waves of irritation directly from the glowing screen of your own television into your brain? Exactly how long do you think it would take you to devise a plan to jump inside your TV, battle Bill Engvall for the future of television, wrestle the super-powerful remote from his hands, and throw it back onto your side of the screen before escaping and watching Engvall dissolve into a pile of useless pixels?

Or, you know, how long before you would change the channel so you don't have to put up with this crap and vow never to watch TBS again?

(via Videogum)

Advertisers, this is simply unacceptable—unless it's part of some meta advertising campaign for Click 2: Bill Engvall Health Inspector, in which case it is criminally unacceptable on all levels.

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