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Colin Firth debunks Emma Stone, moonbase theories in Woody Allen’s Magic In The Moonlight

After months of speculation by Allen truthers, the trailer for Woody Allen’s 217th feature, Magic In The Moonlight, has finally arrived—and with it comes incontrovertible proof that the film was not, in fact, shot on a secret moonbase.

Let’s take these truths step by step.

  • :22 There is both a mention and an establishing shot of the South of France. It is widely known that the South of France is not on the moon. Furthermore, no latticed glass moonbase ceiling is visible.
  • :25 The shape of a candle flame confirms that the movie was filmed under regular, Earth-like gravity, and not moon-like microgravity.
  • :34 Emma Stone’s hair is visibly waving in the breeze, revealing the presence of both an atmosphere and wind. Magic In The Moonlight’s budget could not possibly cover the construction of the kind of dome necessary for simulating Earth-like weather conditions. At best, Sony Pictures Classics could afford to build and maintain a small moonroom. A fully terraformed moonbase is simply out of the question.
  • :45 Watch the movement of the tennis ball in the background. If this were the moon, the ball would shot off over the fence after the first volley. It doesn’t.
  • :53 Colin Firth is smoking a cigarette—something which would surely not be allowed within the controlled atmosphere of a secret moonbase for the rich, were one to exist.
  • 1:20 “What about the floating candle?” you may ask. This, you see, is Allen’s nod to the moonbase truthers. He is provoking them, mocking them.
  • 1:56 If Colin Firth and Emma Stone were on the moon, how could they be looking at the moon? Explain that one, O’Neal.

Magic In The Moonlight will be released on July 25.

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