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Concussion trailer shows the NFL being awful to Will Smith

We’ve known for a while now the NFL wasn’t going to be thrilled with Will Smith’s new movie. As we reported previously, Smith’s new film Concussion details the real-life efforts of Bennet Omalu, a Pittsburgh forensic pathologist, to reveal his discovery of CTE, a neurodegenerative brain disorder caused by repeated brain trauma in professional football players. And, as this trailer shows, the National Football League was somewhat less than cooperative with Omalu. With supporting turns by Alec Baldwin, Albert Brooks, and others, the film promises to get into some of the very unpleasant ways the NFL worked to silence Omalu and prevent his findings from becoming widely known. And while it may as well just say “For Your Consideration” right in the title, given how Oscar-bait-worthy this material is, it also looks it might be quite good. Director Peter Landesman may have dramatized some of the events a bit, but it’s no exaggeration to say the NFL really did behave like a piece of shit.


Concussion will be released nationwide on December 25.

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