In Sleepless, adapted from the 2012 French action film Sleepless Night, Jamie Foxx stars as Vincent Downs, an undercover homicide detective who gets it in his head that jacking a ton of cocaine from some gangsters would be a good idea. As it turns out, it’s a very bad idea, with some really overly-complicated consequences. From all of the guns being cocked, pointed and fired in the trailer’s open, it’s apparent that Detective Downs should stick to solving murders, and leave the drug-stealing stuff to the vice squad.

While he and his partner (T.I.) try to cover their tracks, Internal Affairs comes sniffing around in the form of Michelle Monaghan and David Harbour. And as if things aren’t bad enough for these would-be thieves, the criminal organization they robbed has also figured out who took the drugs. As the trailer shifts abruptly to Downs picking up his son, it doesn’t take a detective to figure out what’s coming next. Under the direction of head trafficker Scoot McNairy, the bad guys pull a smash-and-grab, ripping the boy out of his father’s car. Following the pushing-a-cop-over-the-edge rules of engagement, McNairy’s kingpin explains the predicament in a gravelly, phoned-in threat: Get me back my drugs, or the kid eats it.


At this point in the Sleepless trailer, it’s not clear what happened to the drugs, except to explain that they’re irretrievably gone. Faced with no other choice, Foxx goes on a rampage to get his son back. Some quick cuts suggest that yes, those aren’t just IA cops, they’re dirty, double-crossing IA cops. And maybe, just maybe, Detective Downs was stealing drugs as part of his cover, and really is a good guy after all. Yes, it’s a little convoluted, but that’s a moot point. We‘re not going to Sleepless to see Jamie Foxx navigating a moral crisis and question his identity; we’re going to see him pull a John Wick, crushing wind pipes and taking names, covered in strobe lighting and emerging from smoke.

Sleepless will make the bad guys pay on February 24.