The first original film from Quentin Tarantino's new production company, Curdled is the story of a death-obsessed young woman (Pulp Fiction's Angela Jones) who gets a job with a business that cleans up murder scenes. Through her work, she becomes increasingly involved with the Blue Blooded Killer (William Baldwin), a Miami playboy who has been killing off heiresses. As Tarantino points out in his introduction, Curdled started out as a 20-minute student film that impressed him so much that he encouraged the filmmakers to turn it into a feature-length movie. Unfortunately, Curdled feels a lot like a decent 20-minute short film with an hour and 15 minutes of plodding, uninteresting exposition tacked onto the front of it. For a darkly comic thriller, Curdled is morose but not especially funny, and as a thriller, Baldwin's wooden, spectacularly uncharismatic performance drains the movie of any tension it might otherwise have had. Jones is charming, but she can't begin to compensate for Curdled's weak script and largely uninspired execution. Hopefully, as penance for his involvement in Curdled, Tarantino will spend the remainder of his life being stalked by student filmmakers seeking his help in turning their student films into Hollywood movies.