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Sweet, gentle Canada. Our neighbor to the north where healthcare is free, the murder rate is one-fifth of that in the United States, and swear words are much funnier. That seems to be the basic concept behind Swearnet: The Movie, a new project from Trailer Park Boys alumni Mike Smith, Robb Wells, and John Paul Tremblay. In the movie, the trio have been booted from their network, due to their refusal to wash their filthy potty mouths out with soap. So they start their own channel where they can say any goddamn thing they fucking want.

Swearnet seems to be positioning itself somewhere between a foul-mouthed Idiocracy and a comedic take on Fight Club—only in this case, disrupting the system involves Tom Green, Carrot Top, and the kind of homophobic jokes that only make everyone around you look at each other and nod knowingly. But to fans of Trailer Park Boys, this should prove a delight. And yes, Swearnet.com is real.


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