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Cyborg joins his Justice League pals in new promos

The slowly chugging Justice League hype machine has finally gotten around to its final stop, Ray Fisher’s metal-covered superhero Cyborg. Alongside the other four members of the League, Cyborg now has his own trailer teaser for the movie, offering up a few glimpses at his powers and introducing the world to Justice League’s least well-known hero.

So, what can Fisher’s Cyborg do? Aside from enduring what looks like an absolute motherfucker of a daily makeup routine, his powers mostly seem to be centered on blasting stuff and glaring at people with his cool glowing eye. (We’ll presumably see a little more once the full Justice League trailer arrives on Saturday.) Meanwhile, Cyborg also got his own poster, one that at least saves him the indignity of looking like he’s got a river of light flowing out of his shiny chrome crotch.

(Image: Warner Bros.)

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