Vanessa L. Williams and Latin American superstar Chayanne star in the relentlessly pleasant Dance With Me, a dance movie that places the emphasis on dancing. Which is a wise choice, all things considered. Chayanne plays a young man from Cuba, a land filled with constant feasting and dancing, who travels to Texas following the death of his mother. There, Chayanne, who has never met his father, stays with and is employed by his mother's former sweetheart, Kris Kristofferson, who was separated from her shortly before Chayanne's birth (hmm…) and runs a dance school in desperate need of a dancing handyman with a sense of joi de vivre. Also in Kristofferson's employ is single mom Williams, who competes professionally in Latin dance contests, but needs an infusion of real Latin American high-spiritedness after experiencing a professional slump following the departure of her loutish, pony-tailed dance partner, who is also the father of her child. If worked out on a pie chart, Dance With Me would break down something like this: 80% dancing, 20% hokey melodrama. When the music stops, so does the movie, despite the undeniable appeal of its stars. It's not bad, exactly, and it has heart, but it's thin, incredibly conventional, and more than a little dull. The music, however, is good, and the dancing is even better. If that's what you're in the mood for, and you don't mind a ridiculous plot rattling around in the background, Dance With Me is worth seeing.