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David Cronenberg directs a brooding Robert Pattinson (again) in the trailer for Maps To The Stars

Mia Wasikowska arrives in L.A. hoping to be Julianne Moore's personal assistant, but hints at a past dark enough that even her father (John Cusack) and brother (Evan Bird) aren't happy to see her back in town. Olivia Williams plays Wasikowska's mother. Robert Pattinson plays her sparkly, immortal stalker… okay, probably not. But as a limo driver, he doesn't get much more to do in the trailer than brood in a car—much like he did for director David Cronenberg’s last movie, Cosmopolis. We'll have to wait to see how his aspiring actor fits into the story. In any case, Cronenberg looks to be in fine form for another unnerving psychological thriller.


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