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Director Rob Marshall picks his 5 favorite on-screen musical numbers

Rob Marshall has been at the helm of three of the most high-profile movie musicals of the 21st century—the Best Picture winner Chicago, Nine, and Into The Woods. His latest, Mary Poppins Returns, the long-gestating sequel to the 1964 musical fantasy film, hits theaters this Friday. In honor of the sequel, we sat down with the Academy Award nominee to talk about his five favorite musical numbers ever put on screen.

The opening number, A Chorus Line

My first major show as a performer when I started as a dancer was A Chorus Line, the opening number of A Chorus Line.”


“People,” Funny Girl

I think Barbara Streisand singing “People” in Funny Girl, for me, is huge.”

“Do-Re-Mi,” The Sound Of Music

“It’s a montage of stunning work, choreography and performance.”

“Singin’ In The Rain,” Singin’ In The Rain

It’s so exquisite and [Gene Kelly is] so brilliant.”

“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” Meet Me In St. Louis

“It’s one of the most gorgeous performances on screen.”

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