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Disney releases first trailer for Marvel’s Big Hero 6

Disney and Marvel’s Big Hero 6 is an anomaly for a few reasons. It’s Marvel’s first big-screen animated movie since being bought by Disney, and it’s also the studio’s first project that doesn’t seem to tie into The Avengers or its upcoming sequel in any obvious way. Also, it’s based on a pretty obscure comic book that the target audience is almost certainly unfamiliar with, and its clever, East-meets-West setting of San Fransokyo makes it a little difficult to know what to expect.

But judging by this first official teaser, if the whole movie can maintain this kind of silly joy, its weirdness will be pretty easy to accept. Disney says the kid in this clip is “robotics prodigy” Hiro Hamada, and the big doughy thing that looks like Strong Sad is his beloved robot companion, Baymax. Neither of the characters appear to be those voiced by T.J. Miller or Maya Rudolph, but Disney still has plenty of other Big Heroes to reveal before the film’s November 7 release date. Until then, feel free to pretend this is a stealth Homestar Runner spinoff, even though it’s clearly not.

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