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Do-gooders finally get their comeuppance in full trailer for Eli Roth’s Green Inferno

The one thing that Eli Roth seems to love above all else is putting people through horrible experiences that they don’t necessarily deserve. Like the kids in the Hostel movies, for example. Their big crimes were, what, being young and American? Sure, those are two pretty irritating qualities, but they shouldn’t be hacked up because of them. 

Finally, though, Roth is moving on to victims who truly deserve to pay for the horrible things they’ve done: environmentalists. In the trailer for his next film, The Green Inferno, we see a cheery group of do-gooders flying to the Amazon rainforest in hopes of saving trees or whatever, only to crash and be taken captive by a tribe of mysterious natives. We won’t spoil what happens to them after that, but we will point out that the film was inspired by the Italian man-eating romp Cannibal Holocaust, so it’s a pretty safe bet that these people will all be fine and none of them will be eaten or brutally murdered.


The Green Inferno will be released on September 5, so get that long pig recipe ready if you want the perfect theater snack.

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