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Do not adjust your monitor: This is Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Of Grey, the first installment of a planned film trilogy based on E.L. James’ light-BDSM Twilight fanfic-turned-worldwide publishing phenomenon, was pretty dark. Not necessarily in a thematic sort of way, either, although Christian Grey regularly stomped all over the line between generous suitor and creepy stalker throughout. No, although it was very slickly made, the movie was still rather difficult to see at times, casting everything in a moody light under the cloudy grey skies of the film’s Pacific Northwest setting.

So it remains to be seen how Fifty Shades Darker will manage to accomplish the lighting scheme implied by the title, short of moving the action north to the Arctic Circle during the winter. That’s probably not going to happen, though, as according to this brief teaser trailer the “darker” part is simply that Ana and Christian appear to have gotten really into Zalman King movies now that they’re (obviously) back together. Or perhaps they’re going to one of those Eyes Wide Shut-style decadent masked orgies rich people love to throw in movies? We’ll find out tomorrow, when the full trailer is released.


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