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Dominic Cooper fixates on terrorists and maybe some boats in the Stratton trailer

Ian Fleming’s character James Bond was ostensibly a commander in the Royal Navy, but we rarely saw him get much action on any sea vessels aside from the odd shag after blowing up an island base. John Stratton, likewise, maintains a somewhat tenuous connection to boats, despite being a Special Boat Service operator in the British Secret Intelligence Service. At least so far as we can tell from this trailer. Maybe 90 percent of Simon West’s new spy thriller Stratton takes place on the deck of ships, and they just chose not to focus on that for this trailer. Fair enough.

Dominic Cooper (Preacher) stars as the title character, a slightly reinvented version of the author whose books inspired the film. Duncan Falconer is the pseudonym of an actual former SBS commando who spun his own autobiography out into a series of fictional novels to presumably show how exciting and dangerous it is to fight terrorists on or near boats. So, while this film—co-starring Connie Nielsen, Derek Jacobi, and Tom Felton (the Harry Potter films)—is based on fiction, the fiction is based on someone’s real world experiences.

Information regarding Stratton’s release date remains classified, but our mole (Google) suggests it could be out later this year.


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