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On Downton Abbey, time is often marked in costume changes. When the show started, hair was long and gowns were complicated, but as the show went on, wars happened, cars became more popular, and dresses got less fussy. The times, they were a-changing. At least, that’s what it looked like upstairs. Downstairs, amongst the servants, though attitudes might have changed, uniforms remained relatively constant.

That’s what made it hard for some fans to wrap their heads around how old kitchen maid Daisy was at any given point in the show. As a recent article in Slate put it, “Daisy...has seemingly remained a teenager for the entire 15-year span of Downton’s story,” ultimately wondering in its headline, “Is Downton Abbey’s Daisy a Vampire?” With the Downton Abbey movie hitting home video this week, we put the question to Daisy herself, Sophie McShera, who alongside on-screen beau Andy (Michael C. Fox) sat down with us to attempt to parse out the character’s timeline.


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