Hark to Brett Ratner, teller of tales, singer of songs, as he recounts the story of Hercules, based on the legend of Dwayne “Screaming My Own Name Atop The Rocks” Johnson having lots of muscles. Renny Harlin’s own attempt to capture the Greek demigod earlier this year earned some of the worst Hercules reviews since the era of Steve Reeves, but distancing itself from Kellan Lutz is just one of the many Labors of Hercules that Ratner and Johnson must undertake, all in order to harness the awesome power of public domain. In this story, adapted from the graphic novel Hercules: The Thracian Wars, there’s also the matter of a menagerie of CGI mythical beasts, which Johnson’s fallen hero must punch and slice through en route to redeeming his mercenary ways. No sign of the apples of the Hesperides in this trailer, but at one point Johnson wears a lion for a hat. How do you like them apples?