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E.T. meets Blair Witch in this trailer for the Ridley Scott-produced Phoenix Forgotten

A few years ago, virtually every horror movie had a silly “found footage” gimmick that allowed filmmakers to get away with cheap jump scares, simple special effects, and bizarre plot holes where the characters film everything but never go back and look at the footage. While that trend died out relatively quickly, today’s nostalgia-obsessed society is already hungry for it to come back—or at least that’s what the people behind Phoenix Forgotten are probably hoping. The film was directed by Justin Barber and counts Ridley Scott among its producers, and this trailer makes it look like a dedicated throwback to the days when all you had to do to make a movie seem interesting was put the camera in the hands of one of its characters. Mostly, though, it looks like a Blair Witch movie with aliens instead of ghosts.

Phoenix Forgotten will be in theaters on April 21.


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