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Ed Helms and Owen Wilson go on a dad hunt in Bastards trailer

The trailer for Owen Wilson and Ed Helms’ Bastards looks like it was beamed in from 2005. The pair play a couple of schmucks whose mother (Glenn Close) tells them that, even though they thought their dad died of colon cancer, she doesn’t actually know who their father is. So they go out searching and quiz the likes of Terry Bradshaw and a tattooed J.K. Simmons. It’s like Mamma Mia!, but with more butthole jokes and less ABBA. Bastards is the directorial debut of cinematographer Lawrence Sher, who was the DP on all three Hangover movies. Lest you think this movie is going to surprise you, there’s an unsavory gag which involves the two picking up a black hitchhiker and then tying him up in the back of their car.

Bastards hits theaters January 27.


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