If your tastes run more Samurai Cop than The Seven Samurai, then you’re probably at least familiar with the name Cannon Films. Run by Israeli cousins Menahem Golan (Director of The Apple) and Yoram Globus, Cannon got its start in theatrical distribution but became synonymous with direct-to-video action films. From Enter The Ninja to American Ninja 4: The Annihilation, Cannon had it all, and sold it—often before the movies were even made—at a profit using “exploitable elements” and a flair for the dramatic. Cannon’s more high-profile titles include Bloodsport, Masters Of The Universe, and much of the ‘80s oeuvre of Chucks Bronson and Norris.

Cannon shut its doors in 1993, but the upcoming documentary Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story Of Cannon Films recalls the glory days of Golan and Globus with the same kinetic energy that made their films hits in video stores and rec rooms throughout the land. Electric Boogaloo is currently on the film festival circuit, and trash lovers can follow its progress on its Facebook page.


[via /Film]