There are some grand expectations attached to La La Land. The movie, about a jazz musician and an actress, is a rare beast: an original musical. It is also Damien Chazelle’s follow-up to his much lauded Whiplash, and pairs Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, two actors who have had remarkable chemistry in so-so movies. And now it has a stunning first trailer.

We assume the word “dreamy” will get thrown around a lot to describe this one, and it isn’t an inaccurate term. Technicolor-esque scenes of Stone and Gosling gazing gorgeously at one another play out while Gosling sings a catchy, melancholy tune called “City Of Stars.” Though the song is a bit of a downer—there are shades of Blue Valentine in this advertising campaign— the trailer also features glimpses of fantastical production numbers, including some Bye Bye Birdie-esque moves from Stone featuring a hair dryer.


La La Land will dance its way into our hearts and Oscar season on December 2.

[via People]