In the live action remake of Beauty And The Beast, Belle’s reading material has gotten an upgrade. Instead of reading a story “about a beanstalk and an ogre” she’s hitting the Shakespeare, telling one of the townspeople she’s returning a book about “two lovers in fair Verona.” We’d expect nothing less from feminist book club-starter Emma Watson. We learn this in the new clip Disney has released of “Belle,” the unforgettable Howard Ashman-Alan Menken number that kicks off the action. Like the trailers, the footage once again showcases Watson’s passable singing voice, and Bill Condon’s visuals. This “poor provincial town” has a strong fashion sense.

It also indicates that the new film isn’t doggedly recreating the original. Belle’s banter has changed, which in turn has altered the pace of the song. Watson also gives her Belle a purposeful stride, making her seem less “dazed and distracted” and more goal-oriented.