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Event Horizon

A space rescue team led by Laurence Fishburne is sent beyond the orbit of Neptune, where the experimental faster-than-light drive ship Event Horizon has returned following a seven-year absence. With his team is the Event Horizon's designer, the intrepid Sam Neill. When the crew boards the ship, however, weird spooky stuff starts to happen and Neill comes clean: The secret space drive he invented has taken the ship not to other stars, but to Hell, and it's now possessed by evil forces. This scripting cop-out, telegraphed as it is by the horrendous dialogue and generally half-hearted acting, is still a letdown. The movie looks great at first, with interesting spaceship designs and genuinely creepy abandoned interiors, and the initial idea had plenty of potential. But by the time the story gets rolling, the filmmakers are trying unsuccessfully to scare the audience with sudden loud noises and gallon upon gallon of fake blood. Worst of all, in a repeat of one of the stupidest castings in Hollywood history, Sam Neill—an impotent Donald Duck of an actor—is playing not just a bad guy, but the baddest guy in human history.


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