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Everything’s bigger in the first Kong: Skull Island trailer

It’s a big day for anybody who’s been aching to cross Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, and John Goodman off of their “People I want to watch fight a giant ape” bucket list. As part of Warner Bros.’ Comic-Con panel today, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts showed off the first footage from Kong: Skull Island, the movie that promises to deliver the biggest, giantest ape that audiences have ever seen. (Take that, Mighty Joe Young!)


The footage sees a bunch of ’70s-era soldiers get stranded on the titular island after a Kong-assisted helicopter crash. From there, they run into the usual assortment of plus-sized creepy crawlies, with Samuel L. Jackson’s commanding officer character apparently going a little loopy in his efforts to prove man’s superiority to hundred-foot-tall apes. We don’t get to see much of Kong himself, but from the brief glimpses the trailer offers up, he doesn’t seem especially happy to have company dropping by.

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