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Everything’s coming up scandal in the Weiner trailer

The upcoming documentary Weiner follows former Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner, whose sexual exploits on Twitter—along with an unfortunate synergy of last name and scandal that the press had a field day with—led to his resignation from Congress in 2011 and a failed campaign for New York City mayor in 2013.


Judging from the trailer, the documentary covers the mayoral campaign, which Weiner thinks is going well until his Twitter scandal resurfaces. And how does the famously fiery ex-legislator weather a new wave of criticism? By yelling at people. There’s a scene where Weiner is leaving a campaign venue and someone calls him a “scrumbag.” Without missing a beat, Weiner shoots back, “Takes one to know one, jackass.” Even though it really doesn’t, the moment perfectly encapsulates Weiner’s career: Originally celebrated for being a Democrat who wasn’t afraid of a fight, he now seems to deploy his bravado primarily to lash out against judgment of his private life. Still, you can’t help but feel for a guy who—unlike many men in America—would rather talk about Bronx housing than his dick.

You can see Weiner in theaters May 20 and on VOD on May 26.

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