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Ewan McGregor tempts himself in Last Days In The Desert trailer

Adding to the seasonal fare that can be found elsewhere on the site, The A.V. Club brings you the trailer for Last Days In The Desert, which stars Ewan McGregor in dual roles that find him both providing and resisting temptation. Directed by Rodrigo García (Passengers, In Treatment), the movie is a “temptation of Christ” story, which sees McGregor play both Jesus and the devil during his 40-day foray into the Judaean Desert.

Part-Of-The-Holy-Trinity McGregor battles Devil McGregor in the wilderness over whether to help a family they come across, who don’t seem to be aware that they’re hanging out with the son of God and/or one of his former employees. If, while watching the trailer, you find yourself especially taken with the mirages and sand dunes, you can thank Emmanuel Lubezki, who found a way to squeeze in the cinematography for this film between accepting all of those awards for The Revenant.


Last Days In The Desert hits theaters May 13.

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