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Excess Baggage

Poor little rich girl Alicia Silverstone can't get any affection or approval from her rich businessman father. Like any neglected but coddled teen, she fakes her own kidnapping, demands a ransom from Dad, tapes her legs together and her mouth shut, and locks herself in the back of her six-figure BMW. Of course, it's promptly stolen by gangly car thief Benicio Del Toro, and the wacky mix-ups begin. Almost immediately, the uncharismatic Silverstone ruins most of the film's appeal; there is a strange moment of vertigo when the viewer suddenly realizes that her spoiled, bratty, rich-kid character is supposed to be likable, and one of dismay when it becomes obvious that her legs and mouth won't stay taped shut for the entire movie. Although Excess Baggage is not actually unwatchable, this is mostly due to Del Toro's dazed charisma and an inspired bit of weirdness by Christopher Walken as Silverstone's dangerous uncle. The plot's occasional cleverness almost makes up for its inane premise, and there's a decent if repetitive sappy love theme. But in the end, Excess Baggage is dragging Silverstone's presence around like an anchor, and you'll wish the poor little rich girl had gotten her revenge by doing something more fun to watch, like sleeping pills or self-mutilation.


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