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Exclusive trailer premiere: Goodnight Mommy will crawl under your skin

Creepy little kids. Creepy identical twin kids. Creepy mothers with creepy face bandages. Secluded farmhouses. Cockroaches. Awful things happening to mouths. If any of these things freak you out—and come on, at least one of them must—than the new Austrian thriller Goodnight Mommy is almost sure to crawl under your skin and stay there. At once artful and nightmarishly intense, the film—about twin brothers engaged in an escalating power struggle with their mysteriously disfigured mother—provoked waves of discomfort when it screened at such festivals as Toronto, Venice, and New Directors/New Films. On September 11, it makes its way into select U.S. theaters, ready to afflict American genre fans with an epic case of the willies. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of the U.S. trailer, which only hints at the horrors the movie has in store for you. And seriously, if you’ve got a bug phobia, press play at your own risk.


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