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We’ve got an exclusive trailer debut for The Dramatics, an upcoming movie about the perils of literary adaptation from writing partners and co-stars Kat Foster and Scott Rodgers. Foster plays Katie, a young actress who gets her big break when she’s cast in the miniseries adaptation of The Master’s Maid, a BDSM-themed erotic novel that could comfortably be titled Mifty Mades Of May. Unsurprisingly, getting cast as the audience stand-in character in avidly devoured masturbation material plays havoc with her relationship with stoner boyfriend Paul, played by Rodgers. Tensions are further exacerbated when her method actor co-star (Pablo Schreiber, shorn of his Orange Is The New Black pornstache) threatens the strength of the couple’s bond.


If that all sounds kind of emotionally fraught, don’t worry: The movie’s producers were kind enough to slap the subtitle (A Comedy) on the film to keep our expectations about tone in check. (It doesn’t hurt that the first 15 seconds of the trailer are a font-perfect parody of the Fifty Shades trailer). Sean Astin, Paul F. Tompkins, and Riki Lindhome of Garfunkel And Oates all co-star, with The Dramatics set for a Feb. 10 debut on VOD and other digital services.

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