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Final Mummy trailer turns Tom Cruise into the monster

The last trailer for The Mummy spent some time with Sofia Boutella’s eponymous evil villain, but this new and final trailer reveals something that was previously just teased in one of the first trailers: Tom cruise has superpowers. In this trailer, Russell Crowe’s Dr. Jekyll notes that only a monster can stop a monster like Boutella’s mummy, prompting a scene where Cruise’s eyes split apart like hers and he does a super-speed move. Unfortunately, it seems safe to assume that his new powers will come with some kind of awful trade-off. Maybe Boutella’s villain is able to gradually make Cruise himself evil, leaving co-stars Annabelle Wallis, Jake Johnson, and Courtney B. vance to save the day? That would be a good way to save Universal from having to pay for Tom Cruise to appear in any sequels, at least.

The Mummy will be in theaters on June 9.


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