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First Deadpool trailer is half quips, half murder, and then even more quips

After developing a significant amount of buzz after being shown at Comic-Con, Fox has (finally) released the first official trailer for Deadpool, the X-Men spinoff movie that Ryan Reynolds willed into existence with the surprising level of clout that he has in Hollywood. The last time Deadpool showed up in a movie was the lousy X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and though Reynolds played him that time as well, the character bore little resemblance to the beloved comic book assassin/smart-ass created by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld. By contrast, this version of Deadpool looks so much like the comics that we’re surprised there aren’t yellow speech bubbles coming out of his mouth.


In this trailer—which was supposed to premiere during a special TV-MA episode of Conan but debuted a little early—we see a bit of his origin (an experimental cancer treatment that makes him horribly disfigured and practically invincible), we see him shoot bad guys, we see him slice bad guys, and we even see him annoy a famous member of the X-Men (a time-honored Deadpool tradition). Plus, he never stops cracking jokes, something even one of the men who is experimenting on him notes. So, yeah, this looks like the Deadpool movie that Deadpool lovers have always wanted, and it’ll be in theaters in February.

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