It’s been nine years (and one poor old Jeremy Renner) since Jason Bourne was last in the punching-and-shooting-people spotlight. That’s enough time for anybody to get rusty, which is presumably why Universal just dropped the first full trailer for the upcoming Jason Bourne, to assure us all that Matt Damon is still up to snuff, re: punching people in the face.

Other things Damon’s amnesia-prone superspy is still pretty good at: elaborate car chases, terse phone etiquette, and glowering menacingly at Julia Stiles. He’s also added bed-based brooding and Tommy Lee Jones-talking to his considerable repetoire of skills; meanwhile, it looks like returning director Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum) has finally mastered the art of shooting a tense action scene without shaking his camera like he’s tap dancing on the San Andreas fault. (Or he finally just broke down and invested in a Steadicam.) Jason Bourne arrives fist first in theaters on July 29.