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First Louder Than Bombs teaser keeps things mysterious

Though it received a mixed reception at its Cannes premiere earlier this year, Louder Than Bombs—the English-language debut of Norwegian director Joachim Trier (Oslo, August 31st)—was one of our favorite entries in this year’s Main Competition.

Jesse Eisenberg co-stars as a sociology professor who’s visiting his father (Gabriel Byrne) and teenage brother (Devin Druid, best known for playing the teenage Louis CK on Louie) while the family prepares itself for a gallery retrospective and a New York Times piece devoted to their mother (Isabelle Huppert). The mother was a photojournalist whose death still looms over the family.


This short, moody teaser for the film’s Norwegian release plays up a sense of loss and mystery, never hinting at the eclecticism (and humor) of Trier’s style, which fractures a familiar story about trauma and reconciliation into multiple perspectives, timelines, and poetic flights of fancy.

The U.S. theatrical release of Louder Than Bombs is set for the spring of 2016.

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