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First part of a time machine going for under 25K

Inspired by last week's episode of Chuck, which I just caught up with last night and which involved the sale of an '81 DeLorean for $2500, I went looking for DeLoreans on eBay. I have no intention of buying a DeLorean, the car made famous by Back To The Future after being made infamous by its CEO's tangles with the law. But I was curious and I'd be remiss if I didn't pass on to any would-be Doc Browns out there that a seller in Arizona is currently offering what appears to be a near-mint '81 DeLorean for what's currently an very reasonable price. If nothing else, the post has 100 photos of the car for your movie-related-retro-automotive porn needs. Or you could just watch this:

They really pushed those "gull-wing doors," didn't they? And yet nearly 30 years on, clunky traditional doors–let's just call them "rat-leg doors"–still dominate.


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