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First trailer for Disney’s Pete’s Dragon remake has a flying lizard and Robert Redford

This first trailer for Disney’s remake of Pete’s Dragon may look a lot like Disney’s remake of The Jungle Book, but let’s be clear: This is definitely a trailer for Pete’s Dragon. Oh sure, it’s about an orphaned boy living alone in the wilderness with an animal friend, but the kid in Pete’s Dragon lives in a forest and the kid in The Jungle Book lives in a jungle. Those are totally different. Plus, Pete’s Dragon has a dragon, while The Jungle Book has a bunch of different animals. Granted, the final version of Pete’s Dragon may have other animals, but they certainly won’t be walking around and talking like in The Jungle Book.


As for this trailer itself, it’s quite a bit more serious than you might expect a remake of Pete’s Dragon to be, but that’s probably because there’s no singing and Robert Redford is in it. Kids love Robert Redford, though, and he’s not even in the Jungle Book remake. That’ll give Pete’s Dragon an advantage.

Pete’s Dragon stars Bryce Dallas Howard, Karl Urban, and Wes Bentley. It’ll be in theaters in August.