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Two convicts, chained together, flee the scene of a crime they didn't commit. They spend the next half-hour of Fled beating each other senseless for no reason as they run away from authorities and some anonymous Cuban thugs. (The fact that they spend so much time relentlessly pounding on each other rather than fledding is one of dozens of implausibilities; others include the casting of dumb-looking, mush-mouthed Baldwin brother Stephen as a brilliant computer hacker.) A relentlessly monotonous, mind-numbingly violent buddy movie, Fled offers slo-mo spurting bullet wounds in lieu of character development, and blows to the head in lieu of witty banter. What's left is two charmless lead characters (Baldwin and a scowling Laurence Fishburne) who do things like split a guy's skull open with a shovel and remark, "That's using your head."


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