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Fools Rush In

Almost invariably, films that star members of the Friends cast or take their names from classic pop songs aren't worth seeing, so Fools Rush In has two strikes against it from the get-go. It overcomes neither of them. The best that can be said is that neither Matthew Perry nor Salma Hayek embarrass themselves, but they're both appealing enough that the same could probably be said if they were starring in a commercial for a hair-replacement system. The worst that can be said is that "formulaic" almost fails to describe the contrived plot. Pregnant after a one-night stand, Hayek tracks down Perry to save face with her family. Charmed by her family's life-affirming south-of-the-border lifestyle, he decides to marry her. Of course, troubles ensue, but anyone who thinks there won't be a happy ending should be forced to watch tapes of While You Were Sleeping and Pretty Woman until they learn, just as drunk drivers are made to watch gory car wrecks. All this would be forgivable if the film were funny, or charming, or something other than relentlessly bland. But it's not.


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