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Force Awakens TV spot has some new footage, possible hint to someone’s parentage

After years of Star Wars not being cool anymore, fans should treasure the hell out of these remaining weeks before The Force Awakens finally determines whether or not it’s possible for these movies to be good again. That means it’s sort of a Schrödinger’s cat-style situation, where nobody will know if the cat is dead or alive until someone opens the box, except the cat is Star Wars and the box is December 18. Nobody can open it just yet, but there’s no harm in peeking inside as often as possible, right?


In other words, some more new footage of The Force Awakens has been released in the form of the movie’s first official TV ad. It’s not as big as the Japanese trailer that came out of nowhere a few days ago, but there’s some new stuff here and most of it concerns Daisy Ridley’s Rey. There are clips of her whacking a dude with a staff, shooting a blaster, and even pushing a lever forward in a dramatic fashion that is edited to make it look like she’s flying the Millennium Falcon (she might really be, but it’s hard to tell).

There’s more going on in this short commercial than dramatic levers, though, particularly a voiceover featuring the line “I have lived enough to see the same eyes in different people,” suspiciously paired with images of Rey and a certain stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf-herder. What could that possibly mean? Possibly nothing…but maybe something? We’ll find out when we open the box on December 18.

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