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Forget snakes on a plane, zombies ride the Train To Busan in this trailer

The 2006 classic Snakes On A Plane played with everyone’s fears of being attacked by snakes while on a plane, but Yeon Sang-ho’s South Korean zombie film Train To Busan tackles an even more relatable concern that we all share: the fear of being eaten by zombies while on a train. You might even be reading this very story while on a train, and now you definitely can’t help but wonder what you’d do if the person standing way-too-close to you suddenly started chomping at people and eating their brains. The A.V. Club recommends both carrying a brick at all times just in case you need to fight off some undead monsters and checking out this trailer for Train To Busan, which is hitting a limited number of U.S. theaters on November 4.

You can find more information about these screenings at the website for Well Go Entertainment (which is handling U.S. distribution).


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